Motor controllers

FMod-IPECMOT 48/10 T2


Control and driver device developed for brushed and brushless DC motors up to 480W, with an integrated regulator that allows to control position as well as speed, based on the motor's encoder or, for brushless motors, Hall sensors.

Compact, the FMod-IPECMOT 48/10 T2 device encompasses both the motor controller (position, speed) and the power stage. This system uses standard Ethernet protocols (TCP-IP, UDP, HTTP), making it easy to interface and develop a personal application. By using the FSoft-MOTORCTRL software, the user can, simultaneously, configure the various parameters (regulator, communication, end of course sensor management …) and test the system.

Compared to the FMod-IPECMOT 48/10 T1, this board add the following capabilities:

  • Dual encoders management (e.g. slippery systems).
  • Active dissipation on brake.
  • Phases short-circuited @ power-down
  • 12V Compliant (min 9V)
  • 2 IOs
  • Motor current measurement
  • Motor phases filtered (200uH @ 1A, 125uH @ 5A, 75uH @ 10A)

Excl. tax prices

1 CHF 447.-
10 CHF 428.-
50 CHF 393.-
100 CHF 365.-
FMod-IPECMOT 48/10 T2
Dimension (LxBxH) [mm]
120x110x34 (DIN rail)
Motor types
DC brushed
DC brushless
Communication bus
Ethernet TCP/IP
Power supply (input)
DC [9-48V], max 10A
Logic supply (input)
Internally generated
5 V
2 channels quadrature incremental with differential output + index Compliant with non-differential encoders
Limits / Inputs
2 limits + 2 IOs
Phases output
PWM 125kHz or 63kHz
4 quadrants management
Thermal protection
10 A continuous
10 A max
Motion control
32 bit PID
Brake mode, Free mode, Open loop mode, Speed control mode, Position control mode
Standby mode
Extra features
EC motor’s Hall sensor can be used as encoders
Dual encoder management
Active dissipation
Phases short-circuited @ power-down

Application notes



Version 1.30 - 21/04/2021 - 1.5 MB
Java applet is compliant with Java 8.

Debug tools


Java Library
Version 3.0 - 14/07/2021 - 1.86 MB
Example of Java code (Eclipse project) using the library to communicate with our products.

Code sample

The adapter allows the use of different types of motor with NON differential encoder outputs on the FMod-IPECMOT 48/10 card. Conversion is between coder signals A, B, (I) without line driver differentials and line driver signals EIA/TIA/RS 422; A, /A, B, /B, (I, /I).

Excl. tax prices

1 CHF 40.-